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God's plan to start redemptive recovery care. Imagine a community that wisely loves addicts in which Jesus is not just an aid to sobriety but the very center…a community that understands temptations, repents with joy, and is simple yet sophisticated in the way it does spiritual battle.
Redemptive recovery care (run by Srikumarancharitabletrust) is a non-profit, gospel-centered drug and alcohol recovery ministry for men and women. It incorporate psychiatry, psychology and 12 step programme.







Charity Services

Promote and Monitor Human Rights

Addiction Recovery Servicess

Residential and out reach centers that incorporate the world's most successful principles of recovery.

Family Support Programs

Hope and support for affected families through intervention, counseling and life skills training.

Child Rescue Mission

An effort to rescue children from addiction related family abuse and from addiction on the street.

Prison Freedom Mission

Out reach programs inside prisons to bring freedom to those trapped in a cycle of addiction and crime.

Community Awareness

Community awareness through public rallies and prevention seminars to the society.

Training & Certification

Certified counseling training and credentialing courses for field workers and small group leaders.

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Redemptive Recovery Care to serve the society in a systematic and multiple ways, irrespective of caste, creed and color of an individual. Having a vision to lend a helping hand to the crushed, downtrodden and needy deserving people, who are in dire need of solace during the course of their adversities.

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Charity Services

Promote and Monitor Human Rights

Alcohol / Drug Program

We are committed to achieving positive outcomes through outstanding care for those recovering from substance use disorders, including problems with prescription medications, alcohol, and other drugs.

Personality Disorders Program

The Personality disorders program was developed to study, evaluate and recommend treatment for personality disorders. Patients referred to the program will be thoroughly evaluated.

Adult Psychiatry

The Depression center's specialty programs provide consultation and treatment services for a wide variety of mood disorders, focusing on Bipolar Disorder and difficult-to-treat major depressions.

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Establishing a regular daily routine can greatly contribute to a patient’s return to health. Daily life on the unit follows a structure that includes group and individual therapeutic activities, nutrition, and rest. Daily activity schedules are provided to patients each morning. Routines also consider each patient’s unique therapeutic needs and allow for visiting and other communication with family and friends.

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