Personality Disorders Program

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The Personality Disorders Program was developed to study, evaluate and recommend treatment for personality disorders. Patients referred to the program will be thoroughly evaluated psychobiologically and psychologically, and a recommendation will be made as to appropriate psychopharmacologic, psychologic, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial interventions to be continued after the patient leaves the program. The evaluation will assess the overlap between the patient's personality disorder and concurrent Axis I disorders such as affective, anxiety and schizophrenic disorders. The Personality Disorders Program conducts research that concentrates on the interface between borderline personality disorder and affective disorders. The research involves the patient's participation in laboratory studies (blood tests) that include neuroimaging studies (X-rays or MRIs of the nervous system). It is our hope that patients will be willing to participate in the research, and that they will be willing to return periodically for further evaluation and follow-up.