Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Clinic

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The American Psychoanalytic Association's brochure, "About Psychoanalysis," describes some of the theoretical basis for psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as for psychoanalysis. It points out that individuals are often unaware of unconscious factors that may be creating their unhappiness. The unhappiness can be in the form of recognizable symptoms, troubling personality traits, difficulties in work or love relationships [including sexual incapacities], physical symptoms without any demonstrable underlying physical cause, inabilities to be intimate, or disturbances in mood and self-esteem. Because the forces at work are unconscious, the usual methods of assistance such as the advice of friends and family, the reading of self-help books, or even the most determined efforts of will, often fail to provide relief. Sometimes individuals have had other forms of psychiatric treatment, which have only partially resolved their difficulties. This clinic is a collaborative effort between the Department of Psychiatry and the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, with offices in Ann Arbor and Farmington Hills, is affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association. Its faculty, candidates, and affiliates assist with the supervisory, administrative, and educational aspects of the program, and work with the Department of Psychiatry to provide a place for this important treatment modality at the University of Michigan.