Can you Support US

Would you like to volunteer with Redemptive Recovery Care and help fight the enemy of addiction? If you have some time to spare, come join the team and we can make a huge difference.

Administrative Team: Are you good with office work & management? Would you like to join our Admin Team for a couple of hours a week or month? There are numerous opportunities for volunteers with office & administrative skills for all Redemptive Recovery Care centers. Positions are available for various skill levels & requirements and can often be done online in the comfort of your home.

Fundraising Team: Do you have ideas and people skills to help raise funds for Redemptive Recovery Care? Would you like to help organize & conduct fundraising dinners, banquets, concerts and other events to help spread awareness about Redemptive Recovery Care’s mission? Join the fundraising team.

Redemptive Recovery Care Ambassador: Do you have a burden to help your community fight addiction? Would you like to take Redemptive Recovery Care to your city? Become a Redemptive Recovery Care ambassador and partner with us to fight addiction in our society.